Stories by Jeff Durbin about travel and birding in Asia

Kyoto thermal  In the summer heat, the writer makes a language blunder.

Concrete overload  A day of birding at Osaka harbor, during which the writer gets depressed by the city.

Monkey see, monkey take  The intrepid writer goes birding in two Osaka parks, and also finds macaques.

Korea barriers  The writer travels to Pusan, South Korea and discovers the most dedicated museum guide in the world.

New year's cranes  The writer sails to the south island of Kyushu to see 10,000 wintering cranes, and spends New Year's Day with a Bob Dylan fan.

Beauty and brains in Hokkaido  In Hokkaido the writer encounters smart crows and Japanese cranes.

Humble in the jungle  The Borneo jungle tests the writer and finds him wanting.

Kathmandu from bed  Sick in a Kathmandu hotel room, the writer surmounts great odds to see birds.

Living with rhinos  In Nepal the writer goes from mountains to jungle and sees something special.